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LIGHT live is a Schloss Wachenheim AG brand selling alcohol-free sparkling wines, wines and cocktails. Schloss Wachenheim AG was known as Sektkellerei Schloss Wachenheim AG until the end of 2014. In 1996, Sektkellerei Schloss Wachenheim AG was taken over by Trier-based Sektkellerei Faber and its majority owners, the Reh family. Both companies were merged and today trade under the name of Schloss Wachenheim AG, one of the biggest manufacturers of sparkling and aerated wines in Europe and the world. Schloss Wachenheim AG has manufacturing facilities in Germany, France, Poland and Romania and offers a wide range of products in addition to its sparkling wines. The LIGHT live brand plays a major role here with its varied range of alcohol-free alternatives to sparkling wine, wine and pre-mixed cocktails.

LIGHT live was launched in 1990 as an alcohol-free product innovation for people who love sparkling wine. This innovation and the complex, innovative production method involved in making an alcohol-free product of this kind have made LIGHT live very successful. Over the years, the LIGHT live range has been supplemented with further innovations such as alcohol-free wine and alcohol-free cocktails, including popular trend drinks and cocktails such as alcohol-free hûgo and alcohol-free sprizz.

The success story continues: LIGHT live is the undisputed market leader in the German market in the alcohol-free sparkling wine and alcohol-free cocktail segment and enjoys lasting popularity among those would prefer to avoid alcohol. LIGHT live – love life without alcohol.

Other well-known brands of the German subgroup of Schloss Wachenheim AG are Faber Sekt, Feist, Schloss Wachenheim, Nymphenburg Sekt, Schweriner Burggarten, Blû Prosecco and the alcohol-free children’s party drink, Robby Bubble.


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