Production process

Choiced wines from selected growing areas are used to make LIGHT live products. The alcohol is removed from the basic wine through a special process using a cutting-edge vacuum distillation system.

In this method, the boiling point is lowered (in the vacuum) and the wine’s natural alcohol evaporates at 33°C. The method is very gentle: the wine own flavours largely remain intact so that the aroma can continue to develop fully.

The residual alcohol content* in LIGHT live is on average approx. 0.2% vol. and is carefully monitored by our quality control team.

* According to German food labelling legislation (LMKV), drinks containing up to 0.5% alcohol are permitted to be designated as non-alcoholic. However, they may still pose a risk to children or people with a history of alcohol abuse. Please bear this in mind before enjoying non-alcoholic drinks.

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