For people with a sweet tooth: Jelly made from LIGHT live Raspberry/Pomegranate


Pour the LIGHT live Raspberry or Pomegranate into a pan and mix in the preserving sugar. Bring to the boil while stirring. Measure the cooking time from when the liquid starts to bubble all over. Boil rapidly over a high heat for 4–5 minutes while stirring. Pour the mixture into washed, hot jars (up to the top) and close them tightly.

Luxury tip: The jelly tastes particularly good on a fresh bread roll with cottage cheese or cream cheese!

Gift tip: One bottle of LIGHT live Raspberry/Pomegranate makes plenty of jelly for multiple small jars. It’s a great gift for your best friend, your darling mum or a friendly colleague. With a brightly coloured lid, a colourful ribbon and a pretty sticker, you can personalise your gift to perfection!


750 ml LIGHT live Raspberry/Pomegranate (depending on your taste)

500 g preserving sugar